• Simple Budget
    LIFESTYLE,  Money

    How to Make a ‘Simple Budget’ to Avoid Overspending

    (Disclaimer) All the information on this blog is for general information purpose only, not to provide specific legal advice. Most of my career life living with my parents, I really didn’t bother to make a budget of the income that I am getting monthly as I am not obliged at home. But since I went abroad, everything has changed. It was my first time to live independently, wherein I really have to pay for everything – rent, bills, food, transportation, etc. What I am really afraid of is that I might overspend my money and be surprised that nothing’s left until the next payday!  And you have NO ONE to help…

    LIFESTYLE,  Reviews

    SOME BY MI Miracle Set + Skin Purging

    (Disclaimer) All the information on this blog is provided for general informational purpose only and is not a substitute for professional advice. SOME BY MI 30 Days Miracle Starter + Bye Bye Blackhead As I experienced being bullied because of my pimples when I was in college and even in my 20’s, I now have this desire to bring back the clear and smooth skin that I once had. In so much desire for having that ‘clear and smooth skin’, I tried different products back then, even went to different dermatologists, but none of them seems to work. Although some of them was able to control the pimples from coming,…

  • Carrot Smoothie
    Food,  LIFESTYLE

    How to make a Carrot Smoothie

    We all know that carrot has a lot of benefits – for our skin, eyesight, and body. I received a message from a friend forwarding me a video about the benefits of drinking carrot juice every day. What I know about carrots is that they are good for the eyes (as my grandparents always told me). I remember my grandpa being 70+ years old but still having good eyesight. When I was little, I always see him snacking carrots while watching television. As I watched the video, it reminded me that “Oh! Carrots have a lot of benefits in our body!” (if eaten in moderation). It has vitamins and minerals…

  • Financial Management . books My IPON Diary and Diary of a PULUBI by Chinkee Tan
    LIFESTYLE,  Money

    Financial Management (Inspired by Mr. Chink Positive!)

    Family’s Advice Financial Management is what I don’t have any idea about BEFORE. Since I started working, my parents, auntie, uncle and even grandparents often tell me to save money for my future. They always tell us the story of how my grandma was very good at saving that’s why even my grandpa’s work is a ‘kutsero’ (coachman) and not earning that much at that time, they were able to build a nice decent house. My grandma does not only know how to save, but she also knows how to budget her money and spent it wisely.  How I wish I was like my grandma!  I was able to save. However, after…

  • Dealing with Depression
    INSPIRATION,  Inspiration 101

    Dealing with Depression (I almost gave up!)

    I almost gave up… Dealing with Depression (How God Intervened 3x that Day!) There was a time that I got really depressed. I am the kind who does not really open up about my feelings; the loneliness or the pain that I’ve been going through. I always locked myself up in my room. Dealing with depression is something that was hard for me back then. One day, just another lonely day… I felt something strange. It was like I am going to miss everyone and everything… my mom, my dad, my brothers, and my nephew (I only got one nephew at that time). It was like it’s going to be…

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